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Channel Modes
  • +c : Disallows any messages with color codes to be sent to the channel.
    • To set +c : /mode #channel +c or with ChanServ: !mode +c
  • +C : Blocks any channel wide CTCP messages.
    • To set +C : /mode #channel +C or with ChanServ: !mode +C
  • +n : Stands for no external messages mode. With this mode set on your channel, users are required to join your channel prior to being able to send messages. If your channel does not have +n set, any user on the network can send messages to your channel without joining.
    • To set +n : /mode #channel +n or with ChanServ: !mode +n
  • +t : Allows only op'ed (+o) users to change said channels topic.
    • To set +t : /mode #channel +t or with ChanServ: !mode +t
  • +s/+p : Private and Secret usermodes. Both act near identically. Once set, these modes will render your channel invisible to a users /whois (unless user is IN said channel). The key differences are that +s hides the channel from /topic #channelname for users not in the channel and blocks ChanServ commands like !info or !users for people who are not on the userlist / in the channel.
    • To set +s : /mode #channel +s | To set +p : /mode #channel +p or with ChanServ: !mode +s or !mode +p
    • Usually there is no reason to use +p instead of +s
  • +k : Stands for channel key. If set, users will only be able to join said channel if they satisfy one of the following:
    - Are invited into the channel by an Op'ed user (+o)
    - Invite themselves using ChanServ (/msg chanserv invite #channel)
    - Join with the key (/join #channel key)
    • To set +k : /mode #channel +k keyhere | to disable /mode #channel -k keyhere or with ChanServ: !mode +k keyhere | !mode -k keyhere
  • +i : Invite only mode. This mode will require all users who join your channel to be first invited (or join with the optional +k channel key mode). To invite yourself to a previously set +i channel, /msg chanserv invite #channel. To invite another user to join a +i channel (you must be an Op!) /invite user #channel.
    • To set +i : /mode #channel +i
  • +m : Moderated mode limits channel text to Ops/Voices only. Channel text by a regular user will be ignored during the duration of this mode.
    • To set +m : /mode #channel +m
  • +l : Allows only a certain amount of users to be in the channel.
    • To set +l : /mode #channel +l usercounthere
  • +D : Allows delayed join on your channel to prevent join floods from occurring in high volume channels. Example: if #channel has 500 users, all of which are quickly joining and flooding your channel windows with hundreds of joins every few seconds, you may set +D to halt the echoing of these messages.
    • Why do some users show up as joining the channel?
      When a user joins your channel during +D, they are simply "observing". Once that user types a message that would otherwise be sent to your channel, or a mode change occurs on them (being voiced or made a channel operator), they are sent to your client as a join.
    • How do I set +D?
      To set +D on your channel you must first be opped. If opped simply /mode #channel +D (or -D to remove*).
      *Setting -D while there are still hidden users will cause the server to set a +d mode in its place; see below for an explanation of +d.
    • How do I view how many users my channel has when it is +D?
      /names -D #channel
    • What is +d and why can't I remove it?
      The +d mode is what the server sets automatically when +D has been removed, but there are still delayed-joined users in the channel. When all those users part, speak, or become voiced/opped, the server will automatically remove +d. You cannot remove +d on your own, but you can voice those users who are hidden by +D, by using the /names command above and using those names with the !voice command.
  • +r : Users not registered/authenticated with AuthServ will not be permitted to join your channel.
    • To set +r : /mode #channel +r
      In order to set +r in your channel you must be an opped user. If opped simply /mode #channel +r (or -r to remove).
  • +z : Persistent mode. This mode is automatically set upon ChanServ registration, and removed upon unregistration. It prevents modes (channel modes, topics, bans, etc.) from being reset when the last user leaves the channel. This includes giving Ops to the first person who joins the channel in case of a Netsplit or ChanServ suspension.
    • Only the server or network services can set this mode.

    Last Revision: 08/04/2010

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