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User Modes
  • +x : This user mode will hide your mask/ip. GameSurge will take your current host ie. and will replace it with user@account.user.gamesurge, where account is your AuthServ account.
    • Setting +x
      To set +x mode to yourself you will first need to have the following:
      • Be registered with AuthServ. If you need help registering go Here
      • Be currently authenticated with AuthServ
      Once both of these have been completed, simply type /mode yournickname +x to enable host protection or with mIRC do //mode $me +x
    • What are the advantages that +x have?
      When you are in +x mode rest assured your hostmask/ip are not being publicly available to all users on the network. This is excellent in preventing attacks, virus, as well as spam.
  • +i : This mode will set invisible mode. With this mode enabled, you will appear invisible to user searches (/who), as well as /names.
    • Setting +i
      To set +i to yourself, simply input /mode yournickname +i or in mIRC do //mode $me +i

Last Revision: 11/07/2004

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