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The GameSurge website is developed and maintained by our WebCom. It is a dynamic site with integrated content management and boasts a wide variety of custom applications developed by our WebCom programmers milon, madCoder, andrew, Jedi and Cradly.

The site is directly integrated with the IRC network and our Services system using a specialized bot coded by madCoder. This allows for authentication services, user and channel profiles, specialized staff tools and channel registrations via the website.

The site design was developed by Cradly. If you are using a specific theme, the theme will be prefixed with the person who designed it. The core site engine is an advanced version of Framewerk Community and portions of the site will be released under the BSD license.

The site is programmed in PHP and uses PostgreSQL as it's database backend.

Our webserver currently runs Gentoo Linux.

The site currently has the following validations:

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