Registration Guidelines

1. This document

  1. The purpose of this document is to provide the GameSurge users an official document containing the rules for channel registration and conduct in #support. It is the duty of the Support Staff to follow and uphold these regulations at all times while on GameSurge.
2. Channels
  1. This mission of this network is to register channels that are of interest to the gaming community at large. This includes any channel which is gaming related or is of interest to gamers. Channels prohibited by the AUP are also illegal in these regulations as well. These channels include, but are not limited to: warez channels, cheat channels, porn channels, and mp3 channels.
  2. You must be oped in a channel before it will be registered to you. There is only one exception to this rule: in a channel where there are no ops, it is a first come first served basis, regardless of how long someone else has had ops.
  3. Channels that may NOT be registered
    1. Any channel that violates the AUP in any way, shape or form.
    2. Channels containing the '$' character.
    3. Vulgar and profane channel names. This includes channels such as #fuck but would not include common abbreviations such as #stfu.
    4. Channels that are not deemed of interest to the gaming community by the Support Committee. These will be listed here if any direct specification is necessary in the future.
    5. Strictly no file trading channels for mp3s, anime and warez.
    6. Channels over 30 characters in length may not be registered.
    7. Any channel that encourages or is remotely involved in illegal activity of any kind or description, this includes channels with references to drug use and misuse.
    8. Ringer channels that allow their resources to be used for match cheating. NOTE: Ringer channels that are for finding people for scrims/pugs are fine.
    9. Any other channel not listed here that violates the AUP.
    10. Game/mod/software named channels may be registered to the account GameSurge with the person requesting registration being given co-ownership in a 'community channel' format if you have no links with the development team. You agree that the development team of such a game or mod or software can request ownership from you at any time by registering this.
    11. Media/radio channels may be registered provided they agree to the special media rules. These are available under the support menu at the top of this page.
  4. Channel ownership
    1. 1 owner per channel in all circumstances
    2. Channels are to be registered to the current leader of the organization that the channel represents.
    3. If you are not the leader of an organization, understand that the ownership of the channel may be taken from you if the leader requests it - it will be given.
    4. A coowner may be given ownership of a channel in which the owner has not been seen in the channel for at least two weeks. If co-owners have also not been seen for two weeks, then the channel may be passed to the master requesting ownership.
    5. If all masters and over in a channel have not been seen in the channel for four weeks, the channel will automatically be unregistered by srvx.
3. Enforcement of GameSurge Rules
  1. Situations may arise in which a registered channel breaks a rule in the Acceptable Use Policy or rules in this document.
  2. Advertising in a channel without permission of the channel's owner is not allowed, unless you are on the userlist of the channel that is being advertised in. Report any such infractions to #support.
  3. The offering and seeking out of warez and/or pornographic material on this network is strictly prohibited.
    1. Any breaching of this rule where the purpose of the channel these activities are being carried out in will result in the channel's unregistration and closure.
    2. Please notify #support if you see this occurring.
  4. Removal of services - If a channel breaks any rules in the Acceptable Use Policy and/or the rules in these regulations, it may be suspended or unregistered for that reason.
  5. Channels and/or users that encourage their user base to advertise to reach certain idler levels will be considered in violation of advertising rules and will be subject to sanctions including suspension, unregistration, and administrative shutdown.
4. User Conduct
  1. Idling in #support will not be tolerated.
    1. If you are unresponsive when a staff member is addressing you for longer than a period of approximately one minute, you will be timebanned from the channel for a short amount of time. You will be expected to respond when it is your turn so that you may be helped quickly.
    2. On entry to #support, you should tell HelpServ a short description of your problem. This is important because it enables the staff member to gather the appropriate information before needing to talk to you for further information.
    3. After you have been helped, you are to /part #support.
    4. If, for some reason, you must leave your computer and don't feel you will be back when it is time for your request to be addressed, just /part #support and come back at a more convenient time.
  2. Helpers and Opers are expected to be courteous and respectful at all times when on the network, but especially while in #support. Likewise, users are expected to show the same respect back to them.
  3. All people who connect to GameSurge are GameSurge Users and therefore required to abide by the rules in the Acceptable Use Policy.
5. Primacy
  1. This document represents the official regulations for GameSurge users and staff members regarding #support and channel registrations. The final interpretation of these regulations will be made by the Support Committee

Last Revision: 10/15/2021

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