Welcome to GameSurge, The Next Step in the Evolution of Gaming IRC. GameSurge has been setup to provide professional, non-commercial IRC and community related services. You can expect exciting new things from GameSurge, including a more global focus for our users, localized gaming events, and an overall better user experience for users new to IRC and those who like to chat using telnet at the irc protocol level.

Our pledge to you is a solid, innovative, well organized, and easy to use IRC network, and a fun, gaming oriented community.

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Network and Community News

Service Restoration - 07/13/2023 - Posted by Crimson13

The issue at the datacenter has been resolved and services have been restored. Thank you for your understanding.

Services Update - 06/18/2016 - Posted by Matt

We've recently updated our services to add more flexibility for users. Key points in this update include:


Automatic fakehosts are now opt-out if you have an AuthServ account. To opt out of the fakehost, simply authenticate to your account and type /authserv set SHOWHOST 1. From then on, when you authenticate with AuthServ your visible hostname will be displayed in place of the standard <account>.<title>.gamesurge fakehost.

You can now view all clients authenticated to your account by typing /authserv LISTLOGINS. This will display the real nick!user@hostname of all clients that are authenticated to your account.


You can now view detailed ban information in case you are banned from a particular channel. Typing /chanserv CHECKBAN <#channel> will return, at minimal, the offending hostmask that prevents you from joining the channel. It may also return more detailed information including the channel operator that banned you, the reason for the ban, and the remaining time the ban has left before it expires in the cases of temporary bans.

New Server - 11/28/2015 - Posted by Matt

We're pleased to announce the addition of VortexServers.IL.US.GameSurge.net administered by Nick. Please welcome Nick to the network!

Limits Increased - 08/17/2015 - Posted by Crimson13

We have increased the max channel limit per user to 75 channels network-wide.

The flood limit on the network has also be increased and should help with accidental excess floods.

GameSurge Gets Host Cloaking - 04/08/2015 - Posted by deadly

All of our servers now support cloaking/masking of IPs of users upon connecting. This should improve your privacy and also lower the risk of being targeted by packet kiddies.

If you have any questions regarding this change, please see a member of our support staff in #support.

HostServ Title Suggestions - 03/30/2015 - Posted by Supernuker

GameSurge is looking to update our list of custom titles (available here) and we would like suggestions from the community for new ones to add.

Have a suggestion for a title that you think should be added to the list? Then suggest it to us via HostServ with the command: /msg HostServ suggest (title)

We'll be taking the best suggestions and adding them to HostServ for everyone to use.

SpamServ Update - 01/19/2015 - Posted by Crimson13

We have updated SpamServ with a new setting: "hidebadword". This new setting lets you choose whether or not SpamServ displays the offending badword when it kicks a user.

You can enable/disable this setting by using this command: /msg SpamServ <#chan> set badwordscan hidebadword [on/off]

If this setting is enabled, the badword will not be repeated in the kick message.

For more information on SpamServ please visit our SpamServ Guide

Happy Holidays - 12/24/2014 - Posted by BlindOldMan

From all of us here at GameSurge, to all of you, Have a festive and safe Holiday. Merry Christmas Everyone.

GameSurge Now Hiring - 08/01/2014 - Posted by BlindOldMan

GameSurge is looking to fill a few open positions within our support division. If you are interested, please fill out our Staff Application and remember to follow all directions included within the application.

You can fill out the application here

AuthServ - 08/08/2013 - Posted by BlindOldMan

Some users have reported issues with AuthServ and the inability to register accounts online. This issue has been resolved and account registration is functioning normally.

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